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Continuous Diamond Wires

Description du projet

Yusu Tools Loop Diamond Wire

Loop diamond wire setting the diamond crystals onto the steel surface is a kind of cutting tool that offers flexibility for hard and brittle materials. Loop diamond wire also named as Continuous Diamond Wire or Endless Diamond Wire.

Products Properties:

-Fast speed cutting from 40 to 60m/s. Hence, Yusu Loop Diamond wire offers great advantages in high speed cutting processing;

-Wet cutting and dry cutting;

-Cutting direction could be altered and cured surface cutting effectively;

-Diamond wire replacement could be finished within several minutes.


Diamond wire is the latest and most interesting innovation in the field of diamond cutting tools. Diamond wires are mainly used for cutting hard and brittle materials: tyre, pierre, saphir, monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon, especially quarrying.

A typical application is used in quarrying, as well as in slabs cutting, and in squaring and shaping natural stone (marble and granite).

loop diamond wire

dimond wire quarrying

Products Specification:

Artificial crystal, gem, ceramic, precious stone
Graphite, plastic, rubber, concrete, fiberglass, foamed cement

Yusu offers height quality products, In addition, Yusu can tailor the specifications and technical requirements depending on customer requirements.