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CBN Milling Inserts

Project Description

Yusu CBN Milling Inserts Inserts are best choice for you.

CBN Milling Inserts Grade

GradeApplicatonAdvantagesApplicable Industry
YS705Roughing, semi-finishing and finishing millingLonger tool life
Lower machining cost
For gray cast iron, chilled cast iron and hardened steel

CBN Milling Inserts Application Case

SNEN CBN Milling Inserts Application

YS705- for milling Engine Cylinder Block
For example:
Workpiece: Engine Cylinder Block
Material: HT250
Hardness: HB190-220
Insert: SNEN090412
Cutting parameter: Vc=800m/min ap=2.5mm f = 0.12mm/z
Tool life: 400pcs/edge
For comparison only: Other coated alloy inserts: 230pc/edge Vc=260m/min