Gearbox housing machining tool

The main function of the gearbox housing is to support the drive shafts. The quality requirements are high because it needs to ensure the center distance and parallelism between the shafts, and to ensure the correct installation of the gearbox housing parts and other components connected to them. Therefore, in the process of processing the gearbox housing, Gearbox housing machine tools, cutting tools and fixtures are all very important.

Gearbox housing machining tool

Material type of gearbox housing

In the early stage of the gearbox housing, mainly using gray cast iron for gearbox housing because the molding was easy, the shock absorption was good, and the cost was low. As the user’s requirements for driving comfort are increased and the lightweight technology is mature, the gearbox housing portion of the car is replaced by die-cast aluminum.

At present, the gearbox housing is mainly made of gray cast iron and die-cast aluminum.

Difficulties in processing the gearbox housing machining

(1) It is necessary to change machine tools and tools frequently because of complex processes;
(2) High precision is required. Ordinary gearbox housing machining tools is difficult to guarantee the quality, and the production efficiency is difficult to improve because of the long process flow and too many turnovers;
(3) The shape is complicated, what is more, most of them are thin-walled shells. In addition,  the workpiece has poor rigidity, which is difficult to clamp.

Processing tool for gearbox housing

The following factors should be considered when selecting a tool:
(1) Machine tools:  Years of use? Overall rigidity? Spindle diameter and maximum speed? Spindle jump? Machine power?
(2) Workpiece: The workpiece material is cast iron? Die-cast aluminum? What is the composition of silicon (Si) in aluminum alloys? Is the processing part an end face? Bore? Geometric tolerance requirements? Surface roughness Ra? Rz? Is the hole a through hole? Blind hole? Stepped hole? Dimensional tolerance?
(3) Fixture: Hydraulic and pneumatic? Is the installation reliable?
(4) Cutting fluid: brand? Types of? concentration? Coolant pressure?

At present, the gearbox housing is mainly for mass production of parts. When the gray cast iron and die-cast aluminum gearbox housings are mass-produced by conventional carbide tools, the high-speed cutting will produce very fast wear, resulting in shortened blade life, so YuSu CBN tools and PCD tools are recommended for machining gray cast iron and die-cast aluminum gearbox housings to extend tool life and increase productivity and product quality.


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