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Gearbox housing machining tool

The main function of the gearbox housing is to support the drive shafts. The quality requirements are high because it needs to ensure the center distance and parallelism between the shafts, and to ensure the correct installation of the gearbox housing parts and other components connected to them. Therefore, in the process of processing the gearbox housing, Gearbox housing machine tools, cutting tools and fixtures are all very important.

Material type of gearbox housing
In the early stage of the gearbox housing, mainly […]


The Choice for the CBN Inserts Chamfer Width

Chamfer Width: The chamfer width could be confirmed by the machined material, cutting allowance and feed of every
rotation. For the hard cast iron, when big allowance cutting, the wider chamfer is recommended; for the hardened steel,
when small allowance and finish machining, the more narrow chamfer is the first choice.
020 chamfer width for common cast iron;
050 (cutting edge length <12),100 (cutting edge length>16),
200(cutting edge length>20);
010 chamfer width for hardened steel.