Bearing Solutions

Bearings Industry Solutions

Following application cases show that Yusu CBN insert performs better than other Ceramic Insert and Carbide Insert, and it will have similar effect with international brand insert, but with more competitive price.

When processing large scale bearings and fine finishing bearings, the manufacturers usually use hard turning instead of grinding which is a trend in bearing industry, and it has high performance, low costs, traditional technology can’t go beyond that.

With the superhard cutting tools widely used in different industries, turning instead of grinding will not be a difficult problem. As the leader of professional superhard cutting tools, Yusu has professional cutting tools grades for hard turning bearings, which not only has stable cutting performance, but also promises high roughness, and help the manufacturers to reduce the production costs. The CBN inserts and corresponding cutting data will be as below:

Slewing Bearing Application

Slewing Bearing Application

Spare Part: Slewing Bearing

Material: 42 CrMo

Hardness: HRC50-55

Insert: IT900 RCMX090700

Cutting data:Vc=120m/min


f =0.2mm/r

Roughness: Ra0.8

For comparison only: Yusu Superharrd Tools CBN inserts tool life is 2 times than the famous ceramic inserts.

Bearing Excircle and Face Application

Bearing Excircle and Face Application

Workpiece: Bearing

Material:  GCr15

Hardness: HRC58-63

Insert: ITS950    CNGA120408

Cutting parameter: Vc=150m/min


f = 0.1mm

Life: 100 pcs/edge

For comparison only: Yusu Superhard Tools CBN inserts improve the efficiency by 30% and increase the life by 70%.